Recurring Issues re Subject of Observation

Me, too, and since it often seems observers can’t see comments, it might make it more frustrating for all. Maybe a button asking for help that results in a link to the forum re common mistakes (such as not opening up comments, trying to choose organism subjects serially in one observation, not disagreeing in a comment when someone changes your subject organism and you disagree, choosing Life as your subject in a less than ideal situation, having photos of different organisms in one observation, etc).

When it does not seem obvious, I sometimes draw in a red (or some contrasting color) circle around the target of the observation. I always use separate postings for different species in the same photo.

Didn’t there use to be an “ID requested” field? My recollection is that it was hidden from the interface at some point, on the assumption that anything in “Needs ID” and without the “Good As It Can Be” flag is inherently a request for an ID. I myself can see it both ways — I definitely have high-priority and low-priority ID situations. Just pointing out that I think we’ve been around that block before. :)


There was this recent feature request that was ultimately rejected because of the potential complexity. Maybe someone can dream up a simpler means to the same end?

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