Recycling natural beauty: what ELSE do you do with your observation photos?

I have a few friends who do art and I’ve given them the images as references once or twice.

My phone’s lockscreen is usually “the last photo I took last that I think looks nice there” (and I can be bothered to transfer if it wasn’t taken with my phone). At the moment it’s this false blister beetle.. I’m a muppet with a point and shoot, so they aren’t usually good enough for selling or big prints.

I use digital photo frames too - I have large one in my living room and a small one at my desk at my office. And I got one for my parents and can send them updated playlists of photos every once in a while, which they like. It works out well.

Splendid! I’m a Wikipedian myself, and totally relate.

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Recently, I made a slideshow on YT with my fave butterfly photos.


It´s actually fun to read up on and investigate the species one observed and learn so much more about them. I do like this kind of detective work… unfortunately it also takes quite some time.
I just thought maybe I should make it my new years goal to write at least one article each month to get into the game again… should be doable.

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Well, it certainly wasn’t premeditated, but many of my iNat observations have made it into various books over the years… field guides, children’s books, specialty nature books, etc. It has been a totally unexpected thing that likely wouldn’t have occurred if my observation photos weren’t here. I’m super-grateful… especially since I am not a professional photographer. I just love nature!



What a beauty!:heart_eyes:

Go for it. Make time. It would be worth it :)

Sometimes, these creations have more appeal to others than the creator