Require a comment when adding a coarser ID to an observation

Since there’s a fair amount of negativity here, I want to implore my fellow identifiers to treat others as you want to be treated. Yes, every blurry mushroom does not require a detailed explanation, but you can probably take a few seconds to enter a few key words. A copy-paste message if you’re correcting a frequent mis-ID is not too hard, in my opinion. Since these topics are relatively frequent, it’s good to strike a balance between quantity and quality of IDs and maybe your information will lead to a positive outcome - the user identifies more, takes better pictures next time, learns something, etc.


Very fair, and i really do try, most of the time. But sometimes I’m just not in the mental state for radio silence when i do try to ask for clarification and/or give an explanation


Right. I just wish the default wasn’t to assume I was unwilling to explain if asked politely.


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