School/Homework Questions on the Forum

I have been reading this topic with interest. I’m a freelance editor, and I can say that the most difficult thing about using the online freelancing sites is just how many jobs are exactly this. When I see a job description that looks like it was copied verbatim from an assignment sheet – I kid you not, I have actually seen “jobs” that include a rubric! – I have to wonder: who do they think they’re fooling?

Are they just that lazy, that they can’t be bothered to reword the assignment at all?
Are they that naive, that they think editors can’t recognize a school assignment when we see one?
Or are they just so unscrupulous that they assume editors will be equally unscrupulous?

Has this been finalized? Will it be added to the community guidelines? Resources for educators?


another one today - monarch butterfly conservation

My school participates in the iScience program and all of my middle school kids submit under a class umbrella using the same username and password. When they upload without attempting an identification, I immediately delete their observation and they have to replace it. Same for poor photo quality or poor/no location info. Eventually they get the idea and start posting some really nice stuff


Sometimes I think that this should be applied to all iNat users. No “Unknowns” allowed.


Welcome to the iNat forum!

I think a lot of identifiers wish all teachers who used iNat for their classes were as engaged as you…:)