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I am looking for AI help :).
Problem: I have photos with sometimes several hundred geese - Anser albifrons and Anser serrirostris. I know there should be one Branta ruficollis in the group.
The question: Is there any software I can “feed” with maybe 100 photos - and the software is screening them for the Branta ruficollis? It could search for colors or color schemes…

Thanks, Martin.

Example would be here:


1) A related feature request would be:
Enable a search, or notifications, based on a taxa being in the top-10 of the AI suggestion.

This would require to run always the AI on every new observation and to store the top-10 suggestion in the database.

2) Another related feature request would be:
Enable a search based on [flower] color suggested by AI.

This would require another dedicated AI feature, whose result would be a color.

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seems like you would need something to detect individuals, and then you would then need something to classify each detected individual. Microsoft has this thing (https://github.com/microsoft/CameraTraps/blob/master/megadetector.md) that might help with the first part, but i bet you would need to design your own way of addressing the second part. so you could train an AI to identify species of interest, or you could just do some sort of simple color analysis maybe. (Microsoft does actually have a species classification model available: https://github.com/Microsoft/SpeciesClassification, but i don’t know if that model has been trained on your species of interest. you could also just use their framework on your own dataset, or do something on else your own. i bet there are other things available out there, not just stuff developed by Microsoft.)

iNaturalist featured something about shedding mountain goats back in the day (https://www.inaturalist.org/blog/16807-mountain-goat-molts-inat-photos-and-climate-change), and there was also a thread about someone’s winter break project analyzing maple leaf color (https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/analyzing-red-maple-leaf-color-in-10-950-inaturalist-observations/9376). these things seem somewhat similar to what you’re describing. so you might be able to reach out to such folks to get more specific advice, if others don’t provide better answers in this thread. or maybe a quick trip or e-mail to your local university might also get you some quick answers to your question (and possibly even some help with your effort)…

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Do you have a local birding community? I would bet, if you put the photos up on Flickr or some other photo website, that birders would be willing to go through them voluntarily.

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Thanks for the ideas. We have a local birding community. But uploading 1000 photos on flickr to ask others to search? Hm. I think AI should be able to be better… ;)

Duh…I forgot about this…

A couple of years ago I was involved as a volunteer for our local parks (Cleveland Metroparks) as a volunteer to help with a mammal survey. The parks have over 300 trail cameras out there. I was one of the volunteers to go through the thousands of photos that were taken. They used the Zooniverse website. You might want to look into starting a project there.

As a volunteer, it was easy to log in to the Zooniverse website and go through a lot of images. I know you are looking for a single species. It is different than searching/identifying whatever pops up in an image. But, it might work. I am almost certain that you can upload files in batches.

Someone mentioned something about using some AI image recognition software for the mammal survey. I will try to find that and relay the information.

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