Subscribe to an Canarian or Greek island (Rhodos, lesbos, Corfu, Kos)

Is it possible to subscribe on an island or islands like laPalma, Tenerife, Fuerrteventura, Lanzarotte, Rhodos, Lesbos, Kos, Korfu?
And which subdomains are present and availbable ?
I never saw it used till recently
but i am looking for
Which subdomains are availble and where to find them ?

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iNaturalist Greece is a member of the iNaturalist network. That’s why they have the iNaturalist subdomain. You can see which subdomains are in use on the network page.

If there is a place for an island, you can subscribe to it just like you would any other iNaturalist place.

Thank you for your quick.
The problem is i just dont understand the concept of “place” on inaturalist and how it is used and especially how i can be usefull for me.
At least it is confusing for me. But there are no pacles for the islands of Greece and Canary island and/of groups of these island

( * De Dodekanesos. …

  • De Cycladen. …
  • De Sporaden. …
  • Ionische Eilanden. …
  • De Noord-Oostelijk Egeïsche Eilanden. …
  • Saronische Eilanden. …
  • Kreta en Evia.)

But for the flora of Rhodes it seems

Places can you find here:


else, e.g. Rhodos: and create:

remark: creating places is not possible during the City Nature Challlenge last weekend, every year ( the second weekend of May?).


Rhodes already existed.

One way to check if a place already exists is to find an observation there and look at all the places it’s in:


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