Syncing iNaturalist observations to Google Sheets

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on the iNat forum so please pardon me if I don’t have the correct etiquette.

I would like for observations of an iNat project to appear on Google Sheets every time I run the request. I have used the iNaturalist API and API Connector to do this but I only get the 30 most recent observations. The only thing I have configured on API Connector is the Request URL : (same with .csv)

I’m not sure how I can get all of the observations from the project to show up, so I’d appreciate any help.
Additionally, I’d like for the fields “Sex”, “Life Stage” and even custom observation fields such as “Name of Associated Plant” to appear.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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3 things:

  1. is there are particular reason you need to get the data specifically into Google Sheets?
  2. generally if you’re going to be hitting an iNat API, it should be the current /v1 version of the API (, not the older API (which is mostly deprecated at this point).
  3. there limits to the number of records returned via the API. this goes over the main points:

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