Trash talking: Strangest Things?

I went to a pond this week. It was very nice, it had lily pads, cattails, and everything! It even had a sign at the entrance stating that there was no fishing allowed. I looked ahead and saw two kids leaving with fishing rods. Clearly, they hadn’t read the sign.

I headed towards the water. There were quite a lot of Mallards there, many of which were sub-adults. They still chirped instead of quacking! A raft of ducks began to swim towards me and eventually they reached the shore and got on. Noticeably, one of the Mallards kept tripping over itself. I realized that it had a fishing line rapped around its leg! Luckily, the hook didn’t cut into the duck’s leg, only trailing along. I grabbed onto the line and as the duck moved away, the line became loose and fell off. The Mallard didn’t seem to have been harmed, thank goodness! The family of Mallards then continued on into the water. A job well done.

I tell you, it was perfect timing. Just as I got there, the ducks swam to me. They must have known I could help.

As for the line, I removed the it from the pond and took it home. It won’t be an annoyance to the ducks any more.


Yeah, I hate finding monofilament fishing line when I’m out on a river or lake. You just know some animal is going to get tangled in it eventually so I do my best to gather it up whenever I find it. I once caught a Canada Goose that had been hobbled by fishing line wrapped tightly around both legs and took it to a wildlife rescuer.

Here’s an example of similar material that poses a risk to wildlife. It’s so common as a hazard that I co-authored an article on this topic back in 2001, just to raise awareness:


About those discarded fishing lines

We also have a dedicated team to rescue entangled whales - which I find amazing team work. Including the cooperative whale!

Aquarium at Cape Town harbour has dedicated slatted wood platforms - where seals doze in the sun - and divers can come up underneath to cut and retrieve plastic loops on them.


Bird netting from fruit trees is nasty. I’ve been stuck in it–shirt buttons, shoe tred, hair–and once ran over some, leading to spending forever cutting off what had wrapped around my tire.


Is that the same kind of netting used to make grass sod/turf like described here?

Turquoise plastic Mylanta bottles. Dozens of them in the swamp. Someone had a serious case of heartburn somewhere. We’ve never been able to figure out how all of them got distributed to the middle of the swamp, but there you are. I never took a photo, though. :(

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Yes, basically the same plastic monofilament material. Doesn’t biodegrade and remains an entanglement hazard for wildlife for years.

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