Way to generate list of foreign language names contributed

Hi everyone, I’ve recently been contributing some non-English names for taxa but haven’t kept a very good list of what I’ve already added and what needs to be added still.

Is there some way to pull a report that show the names I’ve already contributed?

thanks in advance

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Getting a report that show the names I’ve already contributed to iNaturalist is possible but it is like climbing the Mount Everst: it is possible but not easy and certainly not so dangerous.

To answer this question we should know who you are…

Workflow/Tutorial: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/using-sql-to-query-inats-dwca-taxonomy-export/29377

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Thanks, this is really useful. Is it worth trying to list the steps here or it is too complicated?

the easiest way to do this is probably something like this: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/using-sql-to-query-inats-dwca-taxonomy-export/29377. you won’t get up-to-the-minute results this way though. to get near-realtime results, you’d need to go through the API probably. how comfortable with that sort of thing are you?

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I don’t know about R, Python, and APIs, unfortunately. Can the zipped files from the other post be opened in excel?

I did not use R, Python, and APIs but the link in the post of Psium is useful. Some knowledge of SQL and databases is needed. I imported the DWCA in Accces and used SQL to find some Jacob’s in the file. (Thought Jacob was a German guy…) https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/using-sql-to-query-inats-dwca-taxonomy-export/29377
Because it is only 37 common names I think trying to get these common names with this tutorial is too complicated compared to the result. Before I knew the dwca taxonomy export existed I used the checklists for adding common names: https://www.inaturalist.org/check_lists/4306125-Friese-namen-checklist but these proces mabe needs a language and not a lexicon and are to complicated for this amount of common names…

yes, but only if the files don’t exceed the maximum length of rows that Excel can handle. you should be able to open any of the files in most plain text editors like Notepad though.

Maybe the easies way is to export all the files and look in the text files with the command grep. :-)

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