What do you wish people knew about DQA/Annotations

I think it’s best to ID it as human.

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And many new users seem to be instructed (by teachers?) to only go to genus, even when there is only 1 species possible. I stopped correcting those “lazy” observations.

I was told to do this by other iNatters several years back. If one does not know how many species may be in a genus, it seems like good advice to me.


Like teellbee said, in general, this isn’t bad advice. I would also say that people doing this are more likely to be insecure about their ideas. And especially if people are new to iNat or posting with the app in the field, it can be difficult to tell the difference between “one species in the genus in my not-very-well-surveyed area” and “one species in the genus in the country/continent/world”.

Not to mention the (admittedly less common case) where people are putting something that “only” has one species to genus because as far as anyone can tell, it’s an undescribed species or something: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?taxon_id=48096


I think that’s good advice, to be honest, and let’s be careful about assuming or assigning motivations to others.


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