What is the one thing you wish you could do on iNaturalist?

See https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/select-a-pinned-location-on-the-edit-page-for-already-uploaded-observations/3626/4

Looks like you have already created a Feature Request for that here:

  1. The ability to crop photos in the upload screen would save me SO much time, especially when I have 5 different things in 1 photo, and have to crop and save 5 versions on my PC before I upload.

  2. It’s easy to find the most commonly-observed species in an area, but I’d love to be able to see the LEAST observed species - both so I can look for more of them myself, and to check for erroneous IDs of things not actually found in the area.

  3. In similar vein as above, would like to be able to see what organisms are in the range map of an area but have not yet been observed there.


How is number 3 different than going to the checklist for a place and choosing unobserved. For instance

The challenge of course is maintaining the checklists, but those are certainly the most complete accounting of species distribution the site has.

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Number 2 sounds really interesting and speaks right to my competitive nature :) I like it!

Is there a way to do that on the mobile app? That’s what I use to upload/post.

No, not on the website either. But on the website explore function in species view so long as you are sufficiently filtered be it by taxonomy, geography, date whatever to be below 500 species, you can just scroll to the bottom of that page

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If you are referring to the ability to create and select pinned locations, no, I think that is only currently available as part of the web uploader. Might be worth a feature request to ask for similar functionality in the mobile apps.

Yes, sorry, I meant pinned locations. There are a lot of very noticeable differences between the mobile and desktop apps, why is that?

I can’t speak for the developers, but I think it is safe to say that there is a whole lot more functionality on the website (= desktop app) than could ever be packed into the mobile app and have it remain remotely usable as such. So it is streamlined to the most needed functions, which tend to center around capturing and posting observations real-time, and basic searches and interactions with other observations on the site. But it never hurts to ask for something new!

That said, I’ll just mention for general information that the Forum is currently not accepting new feature requests specific to the iPhone app IF the feature is already available on the Android app, as updates to the iPhone app are already a priority:


Didn’t know you could do that - thanks! I revise that wish to 'Make it EASIER to…" ;)

I’m not too familiar with checklists, to be honest. Are they automatically created, or user-generated? The one for my Northern California county shows ostriches, for some bizarre reason.

They are in fact both, they can be enabled to auto generate based on observations, but users can also manually add things.

Some kind of thing to help me describe why I choose an ID. Right now it is a nice big empty space where you can type anything. But in my brain its like “I recognise that from the shape of the part under the flower, but what do you call that part under the flower again? Damn memory failing me.”

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I would like a link from the forum to the observations page for each user. People will mention something about their observations, and then I want to see their observations, but I have to copy their name and then search iNat. …unless I am missing an easier way.


I agree with you! I can sometimes see the difference between say, two species, but I often don’t have the vocabulary to explain why. Like “This one has a different face from that one. Oh, how is it different? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

By clicking your icon in the upper right, at the top right of the drop down box there is a cog shape that gives preferences.

In Preference there is a setting on our iNatForum profile that enables us to add a website. Some of us have selected to add our profile page on iNaturalist which gives access to our observation, species, identifications, journal posts, lists, followers, followings, favourite taxa, profile statement, calendar, favourites, projects, profile statement, when we joined, when we were last active, and our name if we so select. This link will show up when you select our name or icon in a reply and the User Card shows up with various information. I am quite comfortable with this being a personal choice rather than an automatic link. I’m not sure if the guidelines stipulate that the same public identity be used on both platforms.


Thank you, very helpful with the pictures.

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I wish I could call up a list of all my journal posts showing the titles, in addition to simply by the month.

Is that possible?

You can at least search by word on the IDs page: key in ctrl F, and a box appears where you can type in the word you want. Then use the little arrows in the box showing number of occurrences to hop through them.
Unfortunately, you have to do this on each page of observations,since they aren’t continuous.

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