Why are some accounts adding super high level ids to my unknown observations

I’m going to close this thread, as the original post has been answered it’s veered into a pretty different conversation.

When you post your observation to iNaturalist, you are basically saying “I encountered this, what do members of the iNat community think it is?” and anyone can add an ID of any taxonomic level to an observation if they feel they can independently verify it based on the evidence provided. If you don’t want someone to add an ID to your observation before you do, then you shouldn’t post it without an ID. It’s not reasonable to expect the entire community to make exceptions for certain areas and users in regard to this.

If you want more people to ID to finer taxonomic levels, even family, I’d recommend providing some resources you can refer them to, like people have done for Euphorbia or North American syrphids, and reach out to people you think might want to make better IDs in the region. (Maybe these already exist and I’m just not aware of them.)