Why do some serious "power users" add so many unknown observations?

Yes, as has been mentioned in other threads, turning off and leaving off Auto-sync in the app settings is highly recommended. This gives you the control over when observations get uploaded. No need to go back and change the setting – there is always a button on the screen to manually start syncing accumulated observations.


I feel the same way, although I prefer my ‘unknowns’ narrowed down to Noctuid moths. I will identify unknowns, but also look at named ID’s and make sure that the name is the correct one. Most times it is, but if I’m confirming the ID, I want to know that it is the correct ID. It’s time consuming, but hopefully the data are correct.

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Another thing I forgot to mention is if you are not on network (common out of civilization) then you have to type the entire taxon name to get iNat to recognize it back home. That takes way too much time for most species.

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For this reason, when I’m adding “frogs and toads” or “flowering plant” to an observation by a relatively new user, I explain, “I’m adding a general identification of flowering plant to your photo because I hope that will attract someone who works on that group and will be able to identify your observation.”