Wildlife Rescue - How do you deal with it?

All of us who are out in nature should be aware of the local wildlife rehabilitators, and be ready to call them if you find an injured or orphaned animal. Rehabbers are trained and have to have permits from the Federal and State governments and will know what to do. Sometimes the best advice is “put it back.” as for baby birds and squirrels fallen from nests, and especially for fawns found hiding in deep grass. Mama is nearby and WILL return. We are fortunate in our area to have a university veterinary hospital where injured wild ones can be taken, and usually passed on to rehabbers if they survive. It’s illegal, and almost never a good idea to try to care for, or to make a pet of, a wild animal. Being prepared to rescue highway casualties is a good thing, though.


If you find a road kill opossum, even dead, check her pouch. Sometimes the babies can be saved.


That is true! Their pouches are very very well protected and infants inside can survive even a horrible impact.

Joey Survivor

What do you think I carry around in my car with me? :-) Usually I make do with an ad hoc blunt object.

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