Worst Inaturalist Experiences Ever


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That “live” mode is a menace, I hope they discontinue it in future models, or at least make it opt-in only!


That’s hilarious!

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not exactly an iNaturalist experience, but one of my first naturalist experiences was pretty bad. I had just moved into a deeply wooded area and begun to grow an appreciation for nature. I was exploring through the woods behind my house, looking for critters, and I accidentally stepped into a yellow jacket nest. I paused like a deer in headlights for too long, fascinated by the swarm that seemed to tornado out of the hole I’d disturbed. I took off running back to my house, camera in hand, a cloud of wasps chasing me. I reached my driveway and tripped over myself, breaking my fall with my camera (DSLR). wasn’t able to do any photography for the rest of the year :(

in terms of iNaturalist, I’ve spent maybe an hour writing a really long comment and had the page refresh. always sucks.


Lol, yeah…they’re pretty comical. :joy:

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I always try to console myself by saying that it technically counts as a lifer because I have seen it with my own eyes.


Once I was trying to use a shortcut to get to a hiking trail I wanted to explore, but came across two aggressive stray dogs who chased me. One managed to get my leg but fortunately only minor wounds. My guess is that there was something ahead that they were protecting because usually stray dogs in Hong Kong aren’t very aggressive if you leave them alone. But it was quite scary nonetheless.


Ooh! You have made me remember another experience. This one not so funny. I had found this really cool shield bug, with red and blue, and rescued it from the kitty pool it was drowning in. I got up and started walking to get in better light, as this was in the shade under our 5th wheel. I completely forgot about the Guinea Paper wasps that had made a nest there on the ceiling and walked right into it. Then had to run, but was still stung. And for me the worst part was losing the bug I was holding. (Who cares about the bite when you’ve lost a bug, lol.) No pic. :-(


Stiretrus anchorago?

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What’s consoling? Never heard of that. :) You must go through:
Denial. Stare at the place for 30 minutes more until you finally reach the second stage.
Anger. Stomp around the locality for another 30 minutes looking for another specimen.
Bargaining. Plead with the nearby flora to let another one appear.
Depression. Wander in circles pacing and sighing until something else catches your eye, or you find the specimen.
Acceptance. I haven’t learned how to reach this stage.
Regret. Figure out that you’re now late for work.


I was driving home and passed a new garden I just tilled near the road. Six wild turkeys were dusting themselves in the dry dirt and I thought I’d take a little video. I put down the window on the passenger side where my little pup was sitting. The video was going to be cute, showing the back of his head as he watched the turkeys. In my stupidest baby talk voice I kept repeating “Look. There’s turkeys in the garden. See the turkeys? There’s turkeys in the garden.” Later when I looked at the video I discovered I had the camera flipped. It was a full minute of my face babbling about turkeys in the garden. It was actually pretty hilarious.


Polistes exclamans. Auto correct switched Guinea to New Guinea. Idk why, it usually doesn’t.


lol I had to laugh so hard at this one…super funny!


Another of the worst experiences of mine is when I was in the Serengeti, when a huge Polemaetus, an extremely rare eagle species flew over my hotel, but at that time, my camera was not working and I ended up taking a photo of some random guy waving his hand in the sky. I was dying in laughter because it was so funny and I missed this experience.


It’s scary how much I can relate to the steps…

Anyways, my worst experience would probably be with a continuing lesser nighthawk in my area. I go out ever night with the intent of getting a picture however, when I finally see it somehow manages to magically disappear into thin air only to reappear a few seconds later. I have yet to get a picture and keep telling myself its ok, even though I just stand there for hours hopelessly thinking it will land in front of me if I just stand there. :(


I hang out with a group of non-naturalist friends who find it hilarious that I’m constantly bending over to photograph plants…they have compiled a sizeable collection of photos of my backside, and gloat about it constantly.


I don’t count my experiences in the field as an iNaturalist experience personally. My worst experience on here was being told that if I can’t id to species not to bother, and then being blocked.


@mertensia I am so sorry.


How about getting eaten alive by centipedes and spiders going under my deck to get a rare species of plant.
Getting four ticks crawling on you and getting bit by one of them because you wade in tall grass to get a cottontail.
(those happened to me)


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