Write up on Computer Vision

I remember reading a document on how Naturalist computer vision works i.e. number of RG observations required, frequency of data feeds etc but I can’t locate the article now.

Can someone point me to that article ?

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There are these FAQs: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/help#computer-vision

By frequency of data feeds, do you mean how often is the model updated?


Perhaps this paper has some of that info

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Thanks. I remember the theeshold was something like 20 RG observations. Has this been changed to 100 community id?

And yes I was wondering how frequest new dataset get refreshed ?

Thanks for the link

There’s also this blog post: https://www.inaturalist.org/blog/25510-vision-model-updates

And our CV FAQs: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/help

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Thanks all for the useful information everyone! I see that there are a number of species that have fallen prey to issues such as the “overconfident computer vision” issue and have been trying to understand as many aspects as possible. In trying to understand more about iNat’s AI / computer vision all of this has been extremely helpful.

Just wanted to copy in this response here to answer your question:

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From the help page:

Can any observation be used for training or just verifiable observations?
For example from my interpretation of that, a common cultivated species could have 50 observations, all marked as casual/not wild, with an average of 2 photos per observation, and would be included in the CV training set as long as someone other than the observer has made an identification on every observation. Is that accurate?

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Some non-verifiable observations are included in the training:


Ah, thank you! Sorry I didn’t see that thread.


Wouldn’t it be easier, if computer vision, cleared the potted plant backlog?

With that stated goal of encouraging ordinary people to notice nature, you will get lots of cultivated plants. Ordinary people aren’t field biologists, they have to make do with what they can see, in the cities.

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