2 Place Questions: Parents and Additions

1.) I’d like to create a place and in the process there is a step to add a parent. What is the purpose of parent places and how do I choose the appropriate one?

2.) A nearby nature conservancy recently purchased a large tract of land that will be added to it and restored. Yay! How do I get the current place modified to add that area so it all reads as one place?


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  1. Have no idea, I choose the lowest one possible, it will be listed on observation with other places and maybe influence the parent place list.
  2. Was the place made by someone or imported?

I don’t know. Is there a way to tell? Here is the place:

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If you scroll to the bottom of the place page, on the left it shows who has added it (for community-curated places). You can try messaging Aaron, and/or I’d be happy to work with you both to get the place boundary updated.

Added by aaroncarlson on September 10, 2017 07:58 AM


Ah! I see it now. I’ll message him and see if he can update it. Thanks!


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