3rd party iNaturalist tools

this was done already, i think: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/wiki-external-code-tools-etc-for-working-with-inat/15906, and there are have been similar non-wiki discussions, too, such as https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/inat-visualizations-using-r/13724.

i guess if you’re going to handle things through the existing Wiki, i would change the list structure in that thread to something more like this: https://leafletjs.com/plugins.html.

but then i wish there would be a way for folks to :star:/:heart:/:+1: items and for there to be some more formal stamp of approval process whereby, say, a working group could review listed items according to some set of standards.

ideally, i think it would make sense for that list – at the least the items that meet the stamp of approval – to be published on the main iNaturalist website rather than as just another post in the forum. since i think people are much more likely to visit the website than to venture into the forum, that would give greater visibility to these items and encourage others to make their own contributions, i think.

i wasn’t really thinking about inclusion / exclusion from this perspective, but i guess a stamp of approval process would help to mitigate your concern here, although in reality i think anything that any 3rd party develops has to be used with appropriate caution, especially if you’re authorizing them do to more than just handling read-only public data or if they can sit in the middle of your interactions with the apps or website.