"504 Gateway Time-out" & "iNat is down" errors

Trying to use iNat and it is regularly slow to respond, occasionally get “iNat is down” and regularly " 504 Gateway Time-out". Seems like some back-end server is constantly rebooting?

I have been having the same issues for the past couple of hours, though it seems mostly functional with periods of hiccups. Hopefully it will resolve itself soon.

We’re working on it. These problems started hitting us this weekend and we’re trying out some fixes right now. Long story short… growing pains continue to be painful if you just keep growing.


A consequence of this is that the upload wizard drops observations without any warning that something has gone wrong. Although it did freeze on the last observation upload (i.e. "uploading 43 or 43 observations), and did not go to the observations page. The second and fourth observations failed to upload.
Only thought to check because Marion has posted a thread about it as well, and I got 504 warnings on other pages at the same time.

Tony, can you find the missing obs on your calendar? Have a look at this discovery I’ve made - https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/not-all-observations-uploading/4946/54

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