A captive observation

I found a tick attached to my waist yesterday. I thought about taking a photo, but I decided it would be considered captive and just gave it an improper burial. Afterward, when it was too late, I realized I was wrong. I was the one being held captive by the tick.


Yep! It had to report you as captive! please do, in the future, take photos of ticks (hopefully before they’ve attached for your sake but either way). There’s also an app specifically for ticks from a university project conducting a study. https://thetickapp.org/ Not instead of iNat but in addition is cool.

Check out some more conversation here: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/anyone-participating-in-the-tick-exposure-behavioral-study-via-the-tickapp/3353


Why would the tick be considered captive? It’s where it wants to be - on you.


Yeah alas the tick isn’t there due to a human choosing to put it there unless you have some really odd preferences. But when I find one I do try to map to where I was (with a big uncertainty circle as needed) rather than at home or whatever because that data seems more meaningful.


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