A massive shoutout! My brother's photography page on Instagram

Follow my brother’s photography page @wildlife_victoria on instagram to view amazing photographs of the organisms we see in Australia.


Kinda a weird start, why is he not uploading photos to iNaturalist? That’s how people are following other’s photography here.

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Maybe their brother doesn’t want to join iNat for whatever reason?

It is the Nature Talk category, though, so it kind of fits here…though a “follow this account” topic with no other info is kinda vague.

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Seems a bit suspicious that benkurek has no activity on iNat (e.g., 0 Observations, 0 Identifications), under that username. I’m thinking this is, however well-meaning, spam.

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I am not sure that is true.
I was able to find Ben’s iNat account with the same icon, 74 observations, and 748 IDs, and 7 followers… Joined: Apr 01, 2017 His username has the addition of __.:thinking:

BTW welcome to the forum @benkurek
No sweat, just not the demure entrance many make.


I find suspicious when such topics only consists of “follow x”, without any explanation, etc. It could be something like let’s share ig accounts, this is one of my brother.

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Maybe, you are right. But when I search benkurek
Or be Benkurek_

this is what I see:

But, if you see differently… I may have done something wrong?

Try two underscores

I don’t know how bobmcd & I are getting such a different result than you.
I see the Search result returning the same profile avatar as your screen shot, but I see observations under it:

@teellbee turn off your limitation to North America and try again


Oh, sure,

Like teellbee said, the format is kind of similar to spam (e.g. “check out my channel” type comments)

As long as it goes to an actual (non-commercially affiliated) nature photography account, however, it fits the forum category.

[addendum: just searched for it. Seems to be tied to a non-profit wildlife rescue. @benkurek, it might have assuaged some suspicions if you’d mentioned that up front. :slightly_smiling_face: By the way, welcome to the forum!]


oh, the not having place=any and verifiable=any on the new observation page link strikes again!


Kindly, if you have time, show me your screenshots?

By default, when I go to https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?user_id=benkurek__

Only showing 43 observations (his profile said 74)

When I filter for any on verifiable (I already had place as any):

Showing 74 observations


BTW, I feel almost obligated to point out…there’s no requirement for anyone who posts here to have an iNat account.

E.g., If OP had been someone thinking of signing up, and was sharing their brother’s instagram in the correct topic category as a way of feeling out the community before joining.

Though I understand being cautious, and how the comment could look like spam too.

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Meant to send that as a PM to teellbee

We are all here to learn and share.

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Well, as a person in the past, who has innocently and ~very~ “Erroneously ” clicked a link a labeled ‘Wildlife’

…and then gotten a nasty interpretation of what some people may label “wildlife”…

Ahhh… I am cautiously suspicious … yes. Cautious, but Glad to hear if you think this is quite innocent.

I wasn’t trying to shame you, and I did say I understood and partially agreed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This isn’t spam, this is a legitimate post! I wanted you all to check out his account as he has just started in the field of macro photography :)

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I should have mentioned everything up front. My brother is on inaturalist too, him not having an inat account isn’t the reason he started a photography page on insta, he just wants to pursue his hobby, if you want proof he’s on inat just click @d_kurek. :)