A Question About Pine Cones (& Other Cultivated Plant Seeds)

Hello, I was wondering, if a planted conifer grows pine cones and they fall to the ground, are they still considered cultivated? I see pine cones all the time and am curious if they could make Research Grade observations. I also ask in regard to other cultivated tree seeds and fruit such as apples, chestnuts, maple seed pods, and others.

Let me know what you think!

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You’re talking about the actual fruit itself, correct? Not the plants that grow out of the seeds? Personally, for iNat’s purposes, I’d consider them evidence of the plant they came from, not a separate organism. If the seed germinates and grows, then I’d consider a wild new organism for iNat.


The pine cones would be considered evidence of a cultivated specimen. The moment the seeds from the pine cone germinates, it should be considered a wild specimen. That’s my understanding at least.


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