Add a captive/cultivated indication to observation on app

I’m sure I’m not the only one who had noticed this - but there’s a lot of newer folks who have basically gone around their garden or a botanical garden or school landscaping and only make observations of cultivated plants.

When I’m IDing plants, more and more I find myself just tagging things as captive/cultivated rather than actually contributing meaningful IDs. At least from the app side of things, there’s no way of knowing if what I’m doing is redundant (correct me if I’m wrong).

So, can there be a visual tag that’s created once an object has been flagged a certain number of times as captive/cultivated that would let users know that an observation has been flagged as such to avoid a lot of potential wasted time?

I might not be fully understanding your question. Can you share a screenshot or example of what you’re seeing and/or what you would prefer to see?

On the Android app, the captive/cultivated tagged observations are marked as Casual and will have a thumbs down to “Organism is wild” in the Data Quality Assessment section:

(Note that the app is not really designed for making identifications. Most people use the identify page on the website.)


Hopefully this screen shot shares correctly.
But on the Android app, there are no visual queues on observations that indicate that something is already flagged as not wild.

Is there any way of filtering data on the app that filters out observations that have already been flagged as captive? As it stands right now I could be flagging something as ‘not wild’ that’s already been flagged as such a dozen times. And in the data quality section on the app I’ve never seen any indications of previous flagging as captive (other than casual grade) even on stuff I’ve flagged already.

I’m aware of the ‘not wild’ thing on the desktop, but am rarely able to use anything other than the app due to heavy travel. Having something similar to that ‘not wild’ thumbs down thing for the app would be tremendously helpful for me, but I may just be a very small portion of users who would be impacted.

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In that last screenshot, if you tap where it says “Casual”, it brings up the Data Quality Assessment.

I agree some indication that the observation is already tagged “captive/cultivated” would be helpful rather than having to tap through to see the details. However, if you limit your search to Needs ID (and/or Research Grade), it will automatically exclude captive/cultivated organisms. At least the ones that have been tagged properly. (Many people upload observations of captive/cultivated organisms without marking them appropriately.)

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I never realized that was selectable! That’s cool, thanks!

I still think, as you said, that more easily visible indicators would be helpful. And I’d still like to add IDs to observations w/o background data like location if for no other reason than to help them learn to identify it better in future even if not necessarily contributing to the broader mission of iNat.

BUT learning that data quality can be expanded within the app is hugely helpful


Is that a feature only in the android app? I have the iOS app, and tapping the data quality section doesn’t bring up the expanded menu.

I’m not sure! Don’t have an iPhone handy right now. I do know the iOS app has fewer features than the Android app, so that’s definitely possible.