Add "like" button to comments on observations

Apologies if this has been posted before.
I was thinking it would be nice to have a “like” or a “heart” button on comments on observations, sort of like how it is on the forum, to show thanks or to agree with the comment. It would prevent a lot of unnecessary comments that don’t really contribute to the ob and would be a way for the community to show appreciation for a good comment.

Are you proposing this only for comments and comments on IDs? What about IDs only?

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People have asked for a way for new users to not use Agree as a Thank you. I suppose this could help with that.


I do like this idea for comments; not sure how it would be interpreted for ID’s.

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similar to this ol’ one


with a default setting for notifications, only if we choose to ask for them.


I think this could be useful to show appreciation for a comment…esp. b/c oftentimes IDers share additional, helpful info or are IDing my obs in response to a request for help confirming an initial ID…a simple “Like” button would be a quick show of appreciation w/o cluttering the Comments section.

Yes…it should definitely be something the users agree to be notified about…b/c it could be really annoying to receive hundreds of Likes from well-meaning Community members!


I would definitely second this! I’m a beginner and also grateful to people who take the time to offer comments or suggestions, so this would be a welcome addition!


Hmm, I don’t know, I guess having them on both would be nice but I’m not sure it would work well on just IDs.

I can see the value of a thank button for IDs (in that someone who might otherwise want to click “Agree” would click “Thank” instead) but I’m not sure a Like button for a comment would be as beneficial. Remember, every like would have to be recorded somewhere, growing the iNat database quite a bit and possibly slowing things down. For sure it’s great being able to add a like to a comment, but would it be worth the extra burden?

Something like a yes/no vote if a comment is helpful, which could then be used to populate an ID page for a taxon, would probably be a better use of a button there. My two cents.


Yeah, that would be very cool.

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