Add Macaulay Library as a source for taxon page photos

Just now, we got the Red-tailed X Rough-legged Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis X lagopus) added to iNaturalist and we normally see this photo.

I wanted to show naturalists still learning to show the variation of the hybrid, however none of the sources provided, namely observations, research graded observations, Flickr, EOL and Wikimedia Commons, have no photos of the hybrid. Yet Macaulay Library has three really nice individuals of the hybrid. Is it a problem with copyright issues, permission from the site first or what? If none of those are a complication, I think it would be an awesome source to add unto.

Macaulay Library does not have any options to license photos under Creative Commons for reuse, which prevents them from being used on iNat.

One of the main reasons I stopped putting photos on eBird/Macaulay is that they have not provided any such tools to make the photos useful to anybody else, while their ridiculous license agreement gives them pretty much free rein for their own purposes.


That’s what I was afraid of. Though I’m not one to go as far as not using eBird/Macaulay, perhaps we can press the issue at the source. I can e-mail Cornell about regards to this.