Add search-urls to enable filtering of observations where both A and B are identified

Platform(s)* website

Description of need:
It looks like there is no way to do this function in one step.

Feature request details:
Can it be implemented through the above methods or other methods?
Please leave a message, thank you all.

I approved this but by default multiple values for a param mean OR, not AND, and the & symbol is already used in the DQA. What we would need to do is probably create a new param, eg ident_users_ids, that uses AND for multiple values.

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what is an example of a case where this would be useful? why would you need to be able to find cases where multiple specified users had identified the same observation(s)?

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I wish to filter out observations that both me and another friend have identified.

why would it be useful to know which observations you and a friend have both identified? are you working on curating things together? roughly how many observations have you and your friend identified? a handful? hundreds? thousands? tens of thousands?

Your words sound more radical and feel like you are targeting me. I estimate that the number is less than 50, and it is troublesome to find them one by one.

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Not ‘targeting’ you. @pisum is very good at crafting URLs to answer our questions. But he is working out what you need and for what purpose …
I have some of his URLs bookmarked for daily use.

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Well, that’s good to know. My bad. Thanks for the explanation.

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i’m asking questions here to try to get you to elaborate on what the problem is that you’re trying to solve. you’ve described a solution – really more than one solution since you’ve talked about both inclusion and exclusion filters – and it’s not clear to me why either solution is desirable or whether they will actually solve your particular problem or whether the problem already has a solution (because i have no clear idea what the problem is).