Add the "compare to visually similar" functionality to the "Suggest an identification" tab on observation

Continuing the discussion from Allow users to constrain Computer Vision suggestions to given taxa:

Yes, @bouteloua’s answer is very useful

It would be useful if this was incorporated as a button on the ‘Suggest an identification’ tab on the observation detail pages. Then more people would find it.

Can you share what you envision this would look like? I’m having a hard time picturing what you mean.

Well for instance when you let computer vision bring up a list of suggestions, or start typing a taxon name you get a list of suggestions with a ‘view’ button adjacent to each. We could have a ‘compare’ button there as well, or even replace ‘view’ with ‘compare’ and its functionality.

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Is this really something people feel the need for frequently, people other than Tony? Since the stated goal of opening the Compare tool and choosing a specific taxon is already doable, this would be a feature for convenience, and frankly I don’t think I customize the Compare filters so much that this would save me any time. I mean I do it, and sometimes I change the taxon filter in Compare, but pretty infrequently.

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if you click on View and then go to the Similar Species section, doesn’t that essentially accomplish what you’re looking for?

EDIT: nevermind. i obviously don’t understand this process flow.

Closing this request, it’s not something we’ll move forward with.