Adding a missing species

I use the iNaturalist app.But then I identify a species which is melastoma polyanthum.the app does not have that i am requesting to add that speceis into the app.thank you

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Hi Asyraf and welcome to the forum! When you want a species added to iNat, the best practice is to go to the taxon page for the genus ( in this case), and create a flag asking for it to be added.

In this case, however, it probably won’t be added; iNat uses Plants of the World online as its authority for plants, and that database considers Melastoma polyanthum to currently be a synonym of Melastoma malabathricum ssp. malabathricum ( If you think M. polyanthum is actually a valid name, you can create a flag asking to deviate from POWO.


You can also do “search external sources” on the website in the “Suggest an Identification” search. However if you search for Melastoma polyanthum it brings up Melastoma malabathricum which shows that iNat considers them to be the same species as @thebeachcomber says.


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