Adding both male and female in annotations

I recently added an observation of a pair of Six-spot Burnets in cop.
I try to fill in the annotations where i can, (and if i remember, i go back to them if i don’t).
On the section for sex you can only add male or female or cannot be determined but not both sexes if present. Uploading the same observation again to annotate the other sex doesn’t seem like a good way to do this but is that what i am supposed to do? One for each moth in the same photo?
I am also resisting my very puerile mind’s urge to ask for Ohh Yeah! be added to annotations as a feature request.

If documenting the sex of both individuals through annotations is important to you, yep, you’d need to duplicate the observation.


OK. It’s not that important to me, i just thought being able to add both to an observation where both sexes are obviously in one observation would be more practical. Is each specimen in the photo supposed to be a separate observation?

Yes, if you choose.
There’s a project, of course!
Multiple Sexes.

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Oh ok, i’ll look for it.

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