Adding Members to an Umbrella Project?

This has likely been explained in help docs and other forum posts, but I could not find the answer. I am running several traditional projects that are invite-only and included in one umbrella project. As the owner/admin of the umbrella project, do I invite members to join the umbrella project or do iNaturalist user request to join the umbrella project? I did not see an option to invite members like I did in the traditional projects. I am not sure how to get people into the umbrella project. They are members of the traditional projects I created.


Umbrella projects simply collate and compare existing collection or traditional projects. There is no invite functionality for collection or umbrella projects. A user’s membership in an umbrella project shouldn’t affect whether or not their observations will appear in it. There are really only two functionality-related reasons for them to join the umbrella project:

  • they will be notified of new journal posts from the umbrella project
  • the umbrella project’s badge will appear on their observations if the observations are in the umbrella project’s subprojects.

Thanks! So how do people join an umbrella project? We are using it to inform volunteers about recent and upcoming site visits with journal articles.

(using this project as a random example)

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