Adding subspecies to Life List

Hello everyone,

I was trying to fix my life list (and failing horribly for a while) when I noticed that I have less reptile species on my Life List than on my personal note book. After a bit of cross-refferencing, I noticed that this is due to the fact that Life Lists don’t count subspecies.

For example, I’ve observed these 3 turtles, all part of the same species, but with different subspecies: ( Trachemys scripta) (Trachemys scripta ssp. elegans) (Trachemys scripta ssp. scripta)

I wanted them to appear as different taxa on my life list. Is that possible?

Looks like they’re on there, but make sure you change the search filter “Rank” to “any” on the right side of the page:



Oh, silly me! Thank you very much

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You’re welcome! That page is also due for a redesign soon, so the issue and my answer might become outdated very quickly. :)


Are we going to get a “lists” redisign? I’ve been waiting for that update since I joined iNat :)

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So I’ve heard! Not sure the timeline.


I’ll stay tunned for any updates! Thanks :)


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