Additing plant taxa not included in POWO

I’m observing plants in Japan and adding records. Recently, I’m confused because many native Japanese species - especially locally subspecies or variations - are not listed in Plants of the World Online and other external name providers.
I already read Curators Guideline, and recognize thet we need to have same authority. But I think POWO doesn’t seem to cover the local ssp./var perfectly.

So I use below checklist, these are consensus lists in Japan.
Can I make sp add/swap etc. suggestions based on these?

Well, you are free to request anything you wish. I would note that you should expect curators to review the request against POWO to see if it is there, either accepted or as a synonym.

Your first link seems to include a ferns section, and I will note that the site does not follow POWO for ferns and relies on other sources, so there is no guarantee how those sources will list any fern you request.

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I undestand. Thank you very much.
Ferns will compare the above lists with PPG 1.

POWO has fairly spotty coverage of subspecies and varieties, so that seems like a reasonable thing to do. When creating new taxa, there is a “source” field that you can use to indicate that you got the name from these lists.

Our ferns are mostly PPG I-compliant, but there are differences of opinion in the New Zealand community, which is quite active, on how broadly to circumscribe Blechnum and Trichomanes and some of the lycophyte genera, so I haven’t tried to bring those in line with PPG I. I’m a rather active fern taxonomic curator, so feel free to “@” me on any fern problems you have.

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Just to clarify, this is functionality available to curators when they manually add new things. Since you are not a curator, it is not something you will see or have access to.


Ah, sorry. What I’d recommend is setting a flag on the parent taxon of the missing subspecies or variety requesting that it be added, and adding a link to a list entry in the comments section of the flag.


Thank you for additional advise. I’m just trying this.

Before starting the topic, I had a discussion with the Japanese curator @keitawatanabe.
(sorry, comments in Japanese only)
In conclusion, if it is not a widely distributed taxa, we think that these local checklists can be acceptable because they have received more reviews than POWO or other global checklists.

Do you have any opinion on this idea?

I’m not a native speaker, so I’m sorry if i have rude language.


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