Additional Category: Support?


“Support” is one of the existing tags on the Google Group. Should it be a separate category here? This would leave the “general” category with even more general discussions rather than a place for people looking for help.



I’d argue not only should there be such a category, it should be the one new users turning up here stumble across first. Also posting there as a guest should be possible, so people having trouble signing up still have a chance to ask for help.



@richyfourtytwo - I completely agree - there is no obvious place to log a support-related question. This should be the most obvious thing.

Right now I have an issue working out how many separate logins I have to this forum. I had problems early on when login didn’t work and so created an account that is not associated with my iNaturalist login, even though it shares the same email. I’m now getting more and more confused and would like to know how to get an administrator to check whether I have more than one account here.



I would just suggest a more specific/descriptive name for the expected content of the category, like “How do I…” or “Help!” or something like that.

Otherwise the broad term “Support” could mean just about any of the other categories to different people, and a lot of “support” posts may then have to be re-categorized.



Discourse’s advice is to have as few categories as possible to start with so I’m for keeping things as they are now and seeing if the need arises. It would be helpful to keep track of what kind of topics would be good for a Support category but won’t fit in bug reports or feature requests.

I know this was written when we still had some sign up issues. I don’t believe anyone can post on a Discourse forum without signing up for an account so it can’t be totally open to the public.

@dhobern can you please message me directly about the issue?