All observations from a trip appearing as Unknown

Edit - I’ve just told him to delete all of the Unknown observations. He definitely didn’t upload them as they were timed at 7am yesterday, when he was still in bed.

All of the observations that my husband (MadMagpie) uploaded from our holiday in the Italian Alps a couple of weeks ago are appearing as Unknown. When I look at an observation, it has no observed date, location or ID, but the date submitted is always the previous day (if I look at an observation today, 3 July, the submitted date is 2 July).

Other observations are fine, just all of the ones from that particular holiday, some of which were submitted in Italy and some when we got home.

why do you think this is a system issue as opposed to a user error? without providing a lot more detail about workflow, you’re asking someone attempting to troubleshoot this to spend a lot of time guessing at how you uploaded these observations vs how you’ve uploaded previous observations.

without knowing more about your workflow, i would just assume that you forgot to add an ID, observation date, location, etc.

I don’t see any Unknowns from Italy under either of your user profiles. I looked through MadMagpie’s observations from Italy and, in fact, I see two of them that seem to match photos in your screenshot – e.g.:

These even have ID’s from others from several days ago. Are you sure it’s an issue with the observations and not an issue with your web browser? Have you tried refreshing/reloading the page to see if they still show as Unknown?

these correspond to:

… which means that you’ve uploaded each of these photos as multiple observations, which goes back to my earlier point about workflows and the need to provide more information about why you think there is a system issue (as opposed to just user error).


Oh, duh. They wouldn’t be in Italy because she already said they’re lacking a location… :man_facepalming:

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It does seem to be that they are duplicates, but he certainly didn’t upload anything yesterday. He uses a Windows PC and I’ve viewed his observations on an Android tablet using Chrome, Firefox and the Samsung browser, and can see all of the Unknowns.


The lecture isn’t helpful.

We’re not beginners, or idiots.

And I haven’t asked anyone to spend “a lot of time” on this. If you don’t want to, don’t do it. Cheerful volunteers gratefully accepted.

You mentioned he normally uses a Windows PC. Looks like the observations in question were uploaded using the Android app. Was he perhaps importing these photos into the app merely to ID them and then uploaded them without realizing it?


nobody’s lecturing, and nobody’s suggesting that you’re an idiot.

my earlier point was that nobody can see exactly how you’re uploading observations. so without more explanation from you about how you’re uploading observations, others can only guess at what you’re doing, guess at what you intended to do, and guess at what might have gone wrong.

i suppose you can ask others to guess (like regnierda is doing), but it’s going to take a lot of back and forth and extra effort to do it this way, compared to you providing more information in the first place.


This might be a stupid question, but did anyone add an ID in the first place? They show no IDs, withdrawn or otherwise, so the problem wouldn’t be that they’re Unknown; it would be that the IDs got deleted

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I’d second this question; it’s something I’ve accidentally done a few times myself, and that I’ve seen others do as well. I think the Android app creates an observation as soon as you choose the new observation option and then puts you into edit mode; so once you’ve got it open and are adding photos (maybe just to ID things!), if you close the app or back out without explicitly deleting the observation first, it gets uploaded.

I’d add that the upload time of 7am might not be when the observations were actually inputted by a human, but instead when the app was able to upload and sync the observations to the database. It could be that the phone wasn’t connected to wifi until 7am for whatever reason, for example, and only then started syncing all the observations it had built up.


based on the edit to the original post, i bet it’s time to close the thread, as there’s nothing left to investigate / discuss:

i’m not sure you all noticed the edit in the original post, but i doubt it’s worth speculating on this thread any more.

If the issue occurs again, please provide more details. Thanks!