All three IDs agree but observation stuck at "Needs ID supported by two or more"

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome



Description of problem:
This observation has three identifications, all of which agree, but it is “stuck” and won’t recognize a community ID. Why?

I agreed and it is now research grade, but it should have been research grade before. I don’t know why.

If you delete your ID, does it go back to Needs ID?

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Nope, it stayed at research grade now. Puzzling.

Before your ID was added, when I marked/unmarked something in the DQA, it didn’t change from Needs ID to RG. So it doesn’t seem to have been fixed solely by reindexing.

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Woohoo. Thanks!

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Same issue on this ob -

That one’s due to someone marking Yes under this Data Quality Assessment item:

Aha! Thank you! And I thought I’d checked all the places where the problem could have been ;-)

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The original observation is now RG, so I’m not sure if we’ll be able to troubleshoot further. @wdvanhem if it happens again, maybe send the observation URL straight to