Am I the only one who makes up stories to go with observations?

This is not something that I do all of the time, but every once in a while, a photo – or a series thereof – suggests a snippet of dialog, a movie scene, or something of the sort to me. For instance, this photo set reminded me of all of the various “how to survive a horror movie” lists out there. The script goes as follows:

Bird on right: “Did you hear that?”
Bird on left: “I didn’t hear anything.”
BoR: “Come on, you have to have heard that noise!”
BoL: “I didn’t hear anything, and if you’re smart, neither did you.”
BoR: “I’m going to go check it out.”
BoL: (looking up as her companion flies away) “Fine. If you run into a Loggerhead Shrike with a rusty fishhook, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

My brain can be a very strange place, somtimes. :laughing:


this is why media assets (photos and sounds) and observations are separately licensed in the system.

Long ago

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I like to add descriptive notes with my observations to make them more interesting and educational ( like ), but as a scientist, I’ve had most of the story-telling edited out of me.


Oh, that’s great!

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I try to do that as well; at least when there’s something unusual to describe. Earlier this year, I managed to get several photographs of a juvenile Broad-tailed Hummingbird, at that awkward, teenaged, fledged-but-still-fluffy stage. Most of my observations are pretty matter-of-fact, but every once in a while I get bitten by the whimsy bug.


Not so much whimsy - but - imagine being able to bath, in the drops on a fig leaf.
Our sunbirds are a little bigger than your hummers, so her bath is a bit tippy!

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Occasionally a story comes to mind, but not so much a movie scene. I’ve found bones that I’ve written about and occasionally I’ll do voices for the animals, especially during research because if I do the voice of the animal sometimes my counterparts will start talking back to the animal and it is priceless.

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