Amount of "Unknown" records is decreasing

If draft mode were implemented, I wonder if instead of locking out new submissions it could hold them all in draft mode for 24 hours (or less). Of course, that just results in a flood when the event is over, and again, could discourage users hoping for a rapid ID (plus, how do you distinguish between draft mode for the event and someone who was actively making a choice to use draft mode?), so it isn’t really an improvement.

Again, just spitballing on how it could be done, not whether or not it should be done.

Try using the Identify rather than the Explore page. Depends on which you like, of course, but I find the work goes faster on Identify.



If you want to see why I use Explore, you can read this relatively short thread for my experiences with both Explore and Identify. Explore gives me better suggestions and is faster for me.

But what’s the point of using that suggestions page? For me it was always something people rarely use and for cases that need more info than iNat provides anyway, and more of a feature for observers, not iders, you should id what you know, not what suggestions show.

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Right, if you’re doing unknowns, don’t worry if all you know is it’s in “Plantae,” because that’s still moving it farther toward the person who will recognize what kind of plant it is.


Yeah, the one that threw me off my game last year was Staghorn Sumac, Rhus typhina. I grew up with it, made little hiding places in amongst the stems, places where I could read my book and eat my sandwich away from the siblings. I should be able to ID it, right? So I merrily proceeded, until I discovered that there’s also something called Smooth Sumac, which looks very similar except it’s not hairy. It was a great learning experience but it also had me rethinking all my IDs. Now with these Unknowns, I can ID down as far as I feel comfortable while also being able to use something basic like “Plant” when I’m not comfortable with anything more specific.


Ian, I’ve been trying for two days to think of a way where I can help you to try to return the abundant help that you’ve given me over the summer. I’m just so new to moths that I think I’d be more of a hindrance than a help. If you have any ideas let me know. I’d be happy to help


Thanks, but you have way more observations and species than me. Just keep up what you are doing! It’s my choice to focus on identification, so I’ll just slog on. I’m sure the numbers will go down over the winter.


You’re doing good work. :grin: