Amount of "Unknown" records is decreasing

We did it for the sport, memes, name pronunciations, tag permissions, and great leadership

Of course that was for 38 ids/day on average

not sure what 3 ids/day is worth


Also average doesn’t mean much imo, 38/a day is possible to do by just opening id tab and going through one page and little more, obviously, many did more than that.


suppose a person who averages at least 5 ids / day could claim the title of an “identifiver”. i wonder if that’s a catchy enough label that folks might want to claim it? it doesn’t necessarily translate beyond English, but…


Agreed, some did an incredible amount of identification.

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A graph of the participation would be much more interesting!


i made a quick page to calculate how many ids per day a given user has made for others since joining.


right now, i’m averaging just above 5 per day. :raised_hand:


Thank you, that is very cool! I’m at 70.52 now, hah, need to do more to have a round number.
Dropped to 68.04, but it’s still cool, I barely ided anything for others for 1,5 years.


Five a day keeps the unknowns at bay :laughing:


I love your tool. May I share it with the ID-a-thon project members?

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of course. share as you like.

i’m thinking of modifying it slightly so that the identification counts can be customized for a given date range, or possibly any API parameter (taxon, rank, category, etc.), but that probably won’t happen any time soon. if you have any suggestions for other changes, let me know, and i may incorporate those when i get around to it.


thanks, very cool one :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks to unknown kingdomizes, it says i do 767 per day, so each time i learn species, i contribute much better as page needs i hope :upside_down_face:

edit: calculator is fixed so my number dropped to 315, i ll work harder now :sweat_smile:


i fixed a small error in the way i was parsing the user join date. (thanks to @melissadilara for pointing this out.) you might notice your id / per day figure calculated by the page has dropped a little bit (potentially more if you joined more recently). so that’s why it dropped.


I’m at 19.29… nearly an Itwentyfier…


Blimey, 41.65. That’s mostly from before my parents decided I needed to do more exercise!


my average is 268/day and I’m a power identifier who currently has no job and no school, so believe me that is still damn impressive…
granted, my average from the past eight months or so is much higher. If you count from Sept. 2020 it’s 546 :)

the lesson: I have too much spare time, a luxury for which I am deeply grateful


How do you check it for particular time limits?

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I used the API to get my ID total since the start of sept. and divided by the number of days.


I had a period of 9 days where I ID’d nearly 3000, and then a period of 6 months where I didn’t even make double digits (total, not daily average!). CNCs and the month after would likely put big spikes on for most identifiers too…

Another factor for me, is I joined 6 years ago, and back then we were lucky to have double digit observations per day in NZ. There were days where there were NO observations! The merger with iNaturalist and recent growth has seen that jump to 847 on Saturday just gone, and back in December a Saturday would bring well over 1000, much more typical for a summer weekends observations here in NZ. What it has meant for me mostly, is a shift from identifying across the board but at a coarse level, to more specialised identifications within Araneae

Back when I started, everything came in as “unknown”. But then it wasn’t hard to get 10 or so observations a day to some sort of identification level. Extrapolating to current observation rates, we would be in a mountain of woe! I expect CV has had a massive impact on what comes in at an unknown level, even if it means a small amount of them still need work to correct.


Rounding off, 21 a day, across a thousand days


A well-rounded Itwentyfier!