Another subspecies bug in ID algorithm?

On website, on Firefox (not sure this matters), I’ve noticed a couple observations where subspecies IDs are ignored by the algorithm at the non research-grade level, causing the ID to appear as the first or higher-level identification, rather than refining to the taxa between, for example, Plantae and Arctostaphylos hookeri hookeri.

I copied 2 such examples here, one which was corrected by another user through withdrawing.

I think this bug makes it harder to advance IDs, since they show as ‘plantae’ or whatever higher level ID slipped in early. In my workflow, I often upload observations without any IDs and then get back to them within the hour or just ignore until later, since ‘Plantae’ can be unhelpful as a label when it comes to getting more experienced/specialized eyes on a particular observation.(These less useful IDs might be a secondary issue that I may raise in the forums at another time).

In the event this is not a bug, I think an easy fix would be to have the subspecies considered or stripped down to a higher level (species ideally, but genus alone would work). E.g. instead of A. hookeri hookeri, it could be reclassified by the algorithm as A. hookeri, or even Arctostaphylos.


I saw this other somewhat related forum on a related subspecies bug:

It takes two subspecies IDs to change the observation taxon of an observation, so these don’t look buggy to me.

See this feature request: