Another wild/captive edge case - moving turtle eggs

To protect endangered marine turtle eggs from poaching and being eaten by stray dogs, in many Mexican beaches they are moved a few meters from the sites they are naturally laid by wild turtles into outdoor nurseries, which are just fenced but otherwise under the same environmental conditions. When the baby turtles hatch they are taken to the beach and let free.

How would you categorised these observations, wild or captive?


Дикие, так как цель - ослабить антропогенное воздействие. Аналогично животным в заповедниках, заказниках, национальных парках.


This case I would consider to be wild.

This is a temporary measure taken on site to protect a wild population and the animals will be released at hatching time back into the wild. This is little different from establishing a fence around the are the turtles initially laid their eggs, it’s just easier to manage.


I would consider these animals wild, I would report the precise location where they have been first observed and then I would set the coordinates as obscure.
Anyway I would suggest you to consider the possibility not to publish these observations if these species are in severe danger and the risk of poaching is high.


Wild. They are not captive. It is just a protection measure.


Surely wild, moving wild animal, even in an egg, doesn’t make it captive, especially if it’s only some meters difference.