Ants Building Scaffolding?

Last summer I observed ants appearing to build a scaffolding type platform on which a cicada was resting and today, I saw the same thing again - only this time with a grapevine beetle.

Has anyone seen this behavior before; if so…what is happening?

I should add…these are typical pavement ants.



Depending on the size of the bee (bumble bees are huge at times) or other small animals that ants come across, they may want the resources, but not be capable of cutting it apart and hauling the bits away.

For example, if you drop a dead mouse in the woods and put a cage around it so that nothing but ants and flies can access it, you’ll quickly observe the ants, in particular, locating leaf bits, grass clippings and other materials much like flower petals and begin to pile the detritus over the bumblebee or other animal to hide it from other foragers.


Just amazing, thanks for the question and the answer



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Fascinating! Thank you for finding this answer…I searched the internet last summer and couldn’t seem to find a thing. Until I witnessed the same behavior again, I’d forgotten I’d had my original observation…I’m glad I decided to share the experience here.


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