Any resources on iding Ecuadorian caterpillars?

I got a specific task to id the species a set of caterpillars’ observations belong to, I added them to a similar set here, some are ided as Euglyphis, some are at family level, but they’re pretty distinctive, so I believe they belong to one species or at least a specific species group. I tried to search for any websites with catalogues of moths/caterpillars, but those few that show up are not loading for me, hand-searching 60+ species observed in Ecuador as of now also ended in nothing (not surprisingly), so maybe some of you have more knowledge on where to look online or maybe there’re some scanned books, or just know what it is?

I could not help you if I tried but I bet Patricio Salazar could:

(I did a Spanish language search for researchers studying these in Ecuador and surrounding area, and he is among the top results, with several mentions.)

My other thought would be to investigate the website of IKIAM, La Universidad Regional Amazónica, or INPC, El Instituto Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural to see what resources you may find there, to include contacts.


Thank you, this researcher seems to be focused on butterflies, sadly I couldn’t find much on those websites, there is a list of their publications, but they’re all over the science, so I didn’t find anything there too. I’ll keep checking observations to see if there’re more records of them.

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