Anyone have access to Correll & Johnston's Manual of the Vascular Plants of Texas?

Hi iNaturalists! I’m looking for someone who has or has access to a copy of D.S.Correll & M.C.Johnston’s Manual of the Vascular Plants of Texas. At least the 1970 one, although it’s possible the 1979 version would provide the same information on a species I’m studying, Symphyotrichum eulae, at that time placed in the genus Aster as Aster eulae.

Feel free to reply here or message me through iNat, username elizabeth1067.

Thank you so much in advance for your time. ~Elizabeth

i know where a copy of Correll & Johnston exists and can get access to it, though i’m not sure which version it is, and i probably won’t have time to get to it within the next couple of weeks. whichever version it is, i’m pretty sure it shows things as Aster rather than Symphyotrichum. i’m fairly certain a lot of libraries in Texas will have a copy of it somewhere, too. are you just looking for the Aster eulae description?

Yes at this time I am just interested in the Aster eulae description as well as bibliographic information and any source references that are included in the information about that species in case I want to follow up. Worldcat shows the closest copy to me is probably 2 hours away (I’m in Indiana). There are some copies for sale online, but the ones I’ve seen are expensive.

If it helps, Biodiversity Heritage Library has the full text for another Correll book, Aquatic and Wetland Plants of Southwestern US, and there is at least a good species description of A. eulae there:


Thanks for that. Somehow I missed that source.

My BHL searches don’t always pull everything!

I have access to a 1979 manual

Wonderfu! May I send you a message through iNat?

Funny thing… I was speaking with George Yatskievych, the curator of the UT Austin Herbarium, and he told me that while BRIT’s Illustrated Flora of East Texas has had some major delays, they released a draft version of the East Texas Asteraceae, which would be the one of the most up-to-date—if not the most up-to-date—treatment on Asteraceae in Texas.

I checked for S. eulae and what do you know, it’s on there, with a full species description too! Not sure if it’ll be helpful in your case, but in case you would like another source from what the others have mentioned. And maybe also for anyone in around here who is attempting to identify a “darn yellow composite” in Texas…

Edit: added the link to the BRIT page with the PDF download link


I sent you one

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This is great, thank you!

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Elizabeth, I have a copy of the 1970 edition at my fingertips. So if you need to verify anything from the earlier version, just message me directly. In Marshall Johnston’s 1988 update, he did not change the taxonomy of "Aster" eulae.

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Hi, @pisum, I think I may have what I need. Thank you!


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I’ll do that as soon as I get Chuck’s email. Thank you! :) I love this platform. The most knowledgeable and helpful group of people I have ever “met”.


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Oh! Thanks for letting me know, wasn’t aware of that!

Thanks to all who responded. I have what I need!