Anyone (in the U.S.) want to get their observations DNA barcoded?

I have a bunch of spider legs that I want to get DNA barcoded, and I’m considering sending them to the Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding, which offers a barcoding service for tissue samples. The catch is that they only accept a minimum of 96 samples at a time (a full well plate). I was wondering if any folks want to go in on it with me. The cost breaks down to about $14 per sample. Does anyone have 10-50 samples they would like to add to my samples? In order to send the samples to me you would probably need to be based in the U.S. (in order to avoid all the red tape from Customs). You could then send me the payment via PayPal or Vemno (either before or after the barcoding happens). Also, the samples should be relatively fresh (or well preserved). Let me know if anyone’s interested!


I always have some specimens that I could throw in, but I’m not gonna pay out of pocket for 50. Let me know if you get close but could use some more.

The lengths we have to go to, to keep our species-level observation IDs from being bumped back…


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