Are iNaturalist "novices" welcome in the curator world?

Multiple people are suggesting to me that I apply to be a curator when I can (My account was created 30 days ago) And I just wanted to know, are “newbies/novices” to iNaturalist welcome in the curator world?

My apologies if this has been answered somewhere, or if I should not have asked this at all, I am just trying to learn everything I can about the Curator world before I risk application in a month.

The only requirements I am aware of are the age of your account and number of improving identifications made:

I would recommend reading through the curator guide so you have a good understanding of the role before applying.


I have read through the curator guide, but i will read it again

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Being a curator mostly means resolving flags by following the policies in the guide and/or working to build consensus if there isn’t a clear path forward - you don’t need to be an expert in taxonomy to resolve lot of flags. But should have sound judgement, adhere to the policies, and be familar with flags. I reccommend making more flags in the next month.


The taxa I am working on don’t really need flags, so that may not be possible, but if I do stumble upon something that needs a flag, I’ll flag it.

Edit : I do feel I am familiar with flags even though I might not have made as many as other users.

@tiwane if you meet the requirements do you get in or is there something you are looking for past that?

Not a curator, but my Unknown IDs regularly trigger prompt curator response from my - Flagged for Missing Species. No missing species for your taxa lurking in the Unknowns?

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Why multiple people ask you for that though? If have a particular role to do, then you must apply if you wish to play it, but if not, think if you’re going to do something or it’ll be just a badge.

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If I get accepted for the curator role, I would use it to resolve flags and if needed, taxon splits, swaps, merges etc. I do not want the role just because of the badge.

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No, I do not believe there are any missing species in the taxa I am working on, but I will check later today in case there are

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