Are observation fields missing from the app completely?

Hello and good evening everyone I’m just curious if i am missing something or are observation fields completely missing from the android app? I’m still new here but I’m hoping to help by focusing on annotations and observations fields while browsing. The keybinds on the website are great and surprisingly responsive wich is allowing me to get a lot done with annotations but it does feel like observation fields are a bit neglected. They aren’t at all on the app and they don’t even even have their own keybind :(

Good question. To my knowledge, the only way you can access observation fields on the app is via projects. If you join a project that requires, or recommends, particular fields, then you can enter those fields when you add an observation to that project. That only applies to your own observations when you’re on the app.

(I add annotations and observation fields on the iNat website.)

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I think given there are literally thousands upon thousands of observation fields, none of them ‘standardised’ like annotations, it would be pretty tough to assign official keybinds to them


Alright thanks but that’s a bit disappointing since i hoped i could keep on adding observation fields when i am sometimes using my phone to browse. I haven’t had that situation come up where a project requires a particular field but its nice to know there is at least a way to add them in that situation for phone users. I wouldn’t blame a phone app user for not knowing that observation fields even existed since they are so lacking on there.

Anyways thanks again for the explanation.

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Thanks :D i don’t mean a keybind for each observation fields of course just something like when you press i it brings you straight to the field where you can write your identification would be great! So as far as i know observation fields are the only thing that always requires a mouse click to add so at least for me it would be a really nice quality of life change.

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