Are some observations more in need of IDing than others?

On the identify page, click filters. In the categories section at the top, the last one on the bottom row, an icon with a question mark does it.


Personally I find it really hard to do ID on the app. I don’t do it at all except in rare cases.

Same, which is why I don’t use the app for observations- i don’t want to upload a bunch of unknowns but also don’t want to spend the time in the field trying to ID them. Would rather spend it observimg/piccing

I use it a ton for observations. But some people prefer not to.

So how do u handle the ID bit? I’ve never noticed great boluses (boli?) Of unidentified obs from you…

I don’t find it too hard to enter IDs in the field on the app. And I want to use it so I can add other ecological mapping type notes as I do. I do try to review them on the website right after I add them I would prefer a draft mode as mentioned in another thread.


Yeah, one of my first saved queries is starting at the beginning of (iNat) time and filtering on unknowns. I expect many newbies start there! Thing is, so many folks have reviewed them by now that what’s left (at least the early obs) is unidentifiable - low satisfaction ratio! - and I’m very hesitant to mark something as “it’s as good as it can get”.

With the heaps of unIDed obs from CNC, I decided that IDing rhose would bring greater benefit. Altho i will say that starting with unknowns was a great way to learn and practice identifying!

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Ahead of some future proper categorization of Bacteria, Viruses and Archaea at the site, I finally figured out how to exclude those when searching for Unknowns. It will pull up a mix of only Unknown and “State of Matter Life” if you add the following chunk to your search url:



Right now we are actively looking for flowering plant identifiers for Turkey, Ethiopia, Indonesia and India, as part of an effort to see how we can get more observations for these countries (some of those where observations are low relative to plant species richness). We have many observations that don’t even have family - and indeed lots of unknowns for these regions. I have had a nice time identifying Ethiopian unknowns, but don’t have the expertise to identify many of the plants for these regions. If you / other botanists already on iNat you would like to help, that would be very very welcome. [ps the ‘Unknowns’ are strangely showing as much more numerous on the summary page than on the individual collection]


It is possible I might know a few plants from those regions, from seeing them in botanical gardens. Turkey is the most likely, since we (California) share their climate type and have some of their plants as ornamentals or invasives. I’ll take a look.

Thank you so much! Even identifying to family is helpful to more specialist identifiers.

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