Ask a Bumblebee - public survey project of plants and bees

I saw this first on Facebook and reformatted the information into a blog post. Let’s see how much data we can contribute!


It will be a few months till we see BB in my area. :-)

But I have a few places that are always full of bumble bees.


egordon88 I saw an American Bumblebee on a gladiolus.
I made a video to encourage more people to plant glads.

I also saw an American Bumblebee on a coneflower.

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Oops, thanks @neylon I didn’t see an American Bumblebee on a gladious, but yet another variety of bumblebee new to me.

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The project looks interesting! This link has more info about the Ask a Bumblebee survey, from the Facebook group USGS Eastern Ecological Science Center.

The survey is intended to be American, and particular states are of more interest to the organizers: ME,NH,VT,CT,MA,RI,NY,NJ,VA,MD,DC,WV. Data from other locations will be prioritized last.

Free, short course on bumblebees

Put out a pollen garden last year. Going to put out more marigolds this year because the bees really seem to enjoy those in particular last year.

Welcome to the forum. I hope you share your sightings with iNat and the bumble bee survey folks.

Another opportunity with bumbles

I had this bookmarked to look into later. On your blog, under ‘Basic Instructions’, #5 it says “take pictures of your field sheets and upload all the pictures using your phone (no apps to download!)”

Upload them to where? to the Project’s Facebook page? If so, that’s a killer for me because I don’t have/do Facebook.

It’s based around Google drive. If you email, they set up a shared folder with your name.

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great. thanks for the additional info.

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