Atlas Moth sighting in Bellevue, Washington

Ive thought about this exact thing happening to me before, what an interesting coincidence.


I see people selling all kinds of nonnative things (ESPECIALLY seeds to plants) on Facebook marketplace. I’ve certainly wondered if some of them are prohibited species.

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There are lots of silkmoth mads who breed all kinds of exotic extravagant tropical moths, and probably some of them are ignorant enough to release them out of their native ranges, or maybe it escaped from somebody who bought some cocoons at Amazon.

A Petco in my town sells Tobacco hornworms (Manduca sexta) as live feed. I bought some several months ago and they made it to the pupa stage where I could determine one was male and one was female, if they had survived to adulthood it makes me wonder if someone out there could cause accidentally, or purposefully release Manduca sexta into the area and introduce a new invasive species to the area.

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