"Back to flags" link doesn't always lead back to flags

This link:
doesn’t do what it says - it seems to bring you back to whatever page you reached the flag from, which could be the main page (for curators), the page for a photo, etc. Should probably either change the destination of this link, or just rename it to “Back”.




@kueda I see that this issue was addressed by adding a “View All Flags” link at the far right of the flag detail page. But I still find myself getting distracted and misled by the “Back to Flags” link at far left. As cassi mentioned in the github issue, it just seems to duplicate the functionality of the browser “Back” button.

It would work better for me, at least, if the “Back to Flags” link was removed entirely, and the “View all Flags” link was moved to the far left to take its place.

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Website, Chrome

Clicking ‘back to flags’ at top left while at this flag doesn’t take you back to flags, and indeed doesn’t take you anywhere; it merely refreshes the page.

Oddly, this hyperlink behaves differently elsewhere too. If you click on the first flag on the homepage right now, and then click that hyperlink, it returns you to the homepage (??). But, if you go to the flags page first, click the flag, and then use the hyperlink, it correctly returns you to the flags page. So there are three different behaviours here for what should be the same hyperlink…

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OK, so if you click that hyperlink I’ve embedded above, and then click ‘back to flags’ it will take you back to the forum homepage. So it seems like the ‘back to flags’ hyperlink will always take you back to the main page from where you clicked the flag

i.e. if you originally opened the flag from the main iNat home page, you’ll get returned to the home page. If you opened the flag from a forum link, you’ll get returned to the forum homepage

(which doesn’t seem like the intended behaviour to me).

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I just figured this one out; if you click on a flag (from anywhere), resolve the flag, and then try to use ‘back to flags’, it will just refresh the page and take you nowhere.

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I moved your posts to this existing report.

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Thanks Jane, was my bad here for not searching for this issue before posting

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